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Think vans are boring? You won’t in a moment. The Sprinter is something special, and it’s popularity in the aftermarket mod scene is unmatched. For starters, it’s a frickin’ Mercedes you can buy brand new starting at $33,000! Second, it has TONS of space. So, you’re essentially starting with a giant, customizable everything vehicle with a premium badge. Starting to make more sense? You haven’t seen anything yet. There’s almost nothing a Sprinter Van can’t do. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Customizable Van

(photo credit: Ray Phung Photography)

The Custom RV 

As previously mentioned, the Sprinter is BIG, and there are several models to choose from to make it even bigger. For this reason, a very popular thing to do is rip everything out and customize a Sprinter from the ground up to be a versatile RV. Because of its popularity, there are every kind of accessory – from minor upgrades to full conversions –available to transform a Sprinter into something that looks at home at an RV park and on the road. From furniture to media rooms to kitchens, there’s nothing you can’t get for a Sprinter.

The Mobile Base Camp

Does off-roading and camping sound like a dream weekend? The Sprinter lets you do both with one vehicle. For a van, this thing gets rugged! Backwoods Adventure Mods makes a seriously heavy-duty Nomad Sprinter bumper that is ready for a fight. Off-road tires and skid guards, suspension packages and anything else you can imagine can turn this van into a true monster that carves mud like a Jeep and sleeps like Jay-Z’s tour bus. Need more cargo space? Just adjust as needed, and you’ve got a true all-utility vehicle with a taste for luxury.

The Mini Tour Bus

One drawback to RVs is that the luxury part doesn’t really begin until you park it, let out the slides, level the jacks and get settled. With a custom Sprinter, you and your passengers can experience luxury on and off the road. The Sprinter can be transformed into a luxury tour bus or a swanky headquarters or both. Add extra seats and build it out as a commercial people carrier, or remove the seats and create a living room and bathroom. It may seem excessive, but compare the upgrade to the cost of a new RV, and it makes sense.

Mini Tour Bus

(photo credit: Midwestern Automotive Designs)

The Dream Tailgater

Sports fans and festival goers have created Sprinter vans with enough team spirit and ultraleather to make your head spin. A proper tailgater is meant to be enjoyed from the outside, so getting that built-in, outdoor media setup just right is paramount! An awning to keep the sun off the guests and the glare off the 4K flat-screen is a nice touch. Working kitchens and service windows are a great touch if you plan on making a business of it or if you just like serious efficiency when you’re doling out the potato salad.

Start Sprinting!

Well, are you convinced? Ready for a giant Mercedes, monster luxury box? Get it started here and get LOTS of very enthusiastic advice at Backwoods Adventure Mods. Stay tuned as we add more Sprinter accessories and find more ridiculous customs to share with our fans!

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