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When Monte Tiesse heard about Backwoods Adventure Mods and our Brute Series bumpers, he was excited to find that we were developing a bumper that perfectly met his needs. Monte has 17 years of aviation experience and uses that knowledge to restore and inspect airplanes out of Marana, Arizona. He established his own business, Service Aero Solutions (SAS) in 2012. For work, he drives his red 2017 Ford F250 out on the tarmac at the airport. He decided the Brute Series Ford front and rear bumper, outfitted with Rigid LED lighting, would be the best choice for him.


Rigid LED Lighting on Front Bumper


Here’s what Monte has to say about his Brute Series bumpers:

I initially ordered my bumpers because I really liked the look and sturdiness of the materials used to make them. Once I got them I was impressed with how well designed they are. 

I decided to order a Brute Series front bumper with the bull bar and LED lights instead of the winch ready option. I do a lot of work at airports during the night and it’s vital that I see where I am going and what I am doing, especially when driving so close to commercial aircraft and the support equipment that is often below sight line. Backwoods makes it easy to order top-of-the-line Rigid LED lights that mount and adjust effortlessly to their bumpers. Backwoods could have partnered with an off brand cheap light but they chose Rigid.


Brute Series Front Bumper


I have a 2017 F250 and I was able to remove my OEM bumpers and install my Backwoods Adventure Mods bumpers in one afternoon with all provided hardware and lights by myself (although I don’t recommend doing it all in one afternoon by yourself). The task was made a little easier because of the adjustment slots. On previous bumpers I’ve installed, I have found the adjustment slots were too big. The engineering team at Backwoods actually took the time to design a bumper that fits properly so that the larger slots, which can make adjustment harder, are not needed. 

The rear bumper is also Rigid LED light equipped and was equally as easy to install. Stock sensors fit, lights fit, stock trailer hook ups fit, and all the hardware was with it to bolt right up. 


Rear Bumper for Ford


Bottom line is that you get what you pay for. They chose 7 gauge steel for their bumpers and I can tell you from experience that they will let a Subaru bounce off without damage to the truck or bumper. They chose to bend the majority of the bumper instead of making a bunch of welds. This looks and functions much better than a lot of others on the market. I appreciate that because the support is there, the testing is there, and I have confidence that they will work when I need them to.

It’s good stuff made by good folks.


Ford F250/F350 (2017-2018) Front Bumper

Ford F250/F350 (2017-2018) Rear Bumper

Rigid Radiance 20" Light

Rigid D-Series Pro Surface Mount Pair

Rigid D-Series Pro Flush Mount Pair

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