Overland Mods for Toyota Vehicles

Modifying your vehicle with aftermarket products isn’t something you should do without careful forethought. It’s important to consider which modifications will provide you with the most benefit based on how you plan to use your vehicle. Do you need more clearance for off-roading over rough terrain? Do you need more storage for hauling gear for your next adventure? Keep reading for a basic guide to overland mods for Toyota vehicles such as the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota 4Runner, Ford Transits, Mercedes Sprinters, and RAM Promasters.

Modifying Your Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner

Vehicles like the Tacoma and 4Runner are already exceptionally tough off-roaders, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from some modifications. Here are the top mods we recommend to improve your Toyota’s overland capabilities:

  • Higher Clearance – If you’re taking your Toyota over exceptionally rough terrain with large boulders and drastic changes in grade, you want to ensure that you can clear those high obstacles. Our Hi-Lite High Clearance Rear Bumper fits Tacomas from 2016 through the most recent models. It’s lightweight and offers better clearance for those bumps in the road—or lack of road—along the way. If you do happen to scrape your bumper, don’t worry; our front bumpers are made of highly durable aluminum, which won’t rust, and our aftermarket rear bumpers are crafted of American-made steel. We know these parts of your vehicle are more likely to be hit (especially the rear bumper) when you’re off-roading, so we’ve made these high-clearance bumpers some of the most durable on the market. They’re also easy to install, so you can put on your high-clearance front bumper without any help; attach the winch cradle, install it on the vehicle, then bolt the winch to the cradle. Finally, install the aluminum front bumper across the front end of your vehicle for superior protection and higher clearance on your next adventure.
  • Extra Storage – Adding storage to your home can often be as simple as installing some new shelves. Adding storage to your vehicle is a bit more complicated. Luckily, we have multiple solutions. Our Hi-Lite High Clearance Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper adds storage capabilities to the back of your vehicle while also providing the higher clearance mentioned above.
  • Durable Front End – Let’s face it: When you’re going off road, you’re bound to bump into a few things. While your back bumper might only scrape when there’s low clearance, your front bumper is the first thing to be damaged when traversing the backwoods. That’s why we specialize in highly durable aluminum and steel bumpers, which can take on a lot more than your manufacturer-made bumper. While these bumpers can dent and scratch on those off-road adventures, they’ll remain secure and structurally sound, unlike standard bumpers, which can easily crumple and begin to pull away from your car’s frame. We provide front bumpers with and without a bull bar, so you can find a style that provides the look you want and fits your needs.

Knowing which of these modifications is best for your Toyota will depend on how you plan to drive it and where you plan to go.

Modifying Your Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes is synonymous with luxury—but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be tough too. The Mercedes Sprinter is a durable camper-style van that many people use for long trips and outdoor adventures. If you’re outfitting a Sprinter for a trip, here are some mods to consider:

  • Rooftop Storage – As spacious as the Sprinter is, you might be using that as a sleeping area, so storage will primarily be on the top of your vehicle. We provide a couple different roof rack options: SLIM, XL, and the DRIFTR Roof Rack. Each of these can make it significantly easier to store your gear for your adventure.
  • Easier Roof Access – Most people will use the top of their van to haul gear, but getting it on and off that roof rack can be tricky. We offer two different kinds of ladders to provide you with access to your Sprinter’s roof: the DRIFTR Ladder and the SLIM/XL Ladder. Our SLIM/XL roof rack ladder is custom built based on current accessories, with a sturdy deck and walk around design for incredibly convenient roof access. The DRIFTR provides users with a lighter-weight, more modular system that’s designed for you to customize upon installation. Bolt it to your DRIFTR roof rack in any position that’s most convenient for you.
  • Bumper Storage – Of course, you don’t always want to climb on top of your van to get what you need. For the gear that you want to keep within easy reach, consider a Rear Swing Out Bumper, which can be used to store boxes of gear and other essential items within easy reach. Our rear bumpers are made of durable, yet lightweight aluminum to help minimize the amount of weight your Sprinter has to haul around.

Modifying Your RAM Promaster

Though they’re known for their trucks, RAM also builds a sturdy, spacious camper van: the RAM Promaster. Mods for this camper van are similar to those listed above for the Sprinter and include roof racks, ladders, and front bumpers. The front bumpers for the Promaster can accept winches of 8” or less, with 2 large cutouts for winch access and winch line visibility. It only requires a few small cuts to install, and allows you to keep the factory sides of your front bumper. It’s a great way to add some pulling power to your Promaster with minimal effort for modification.

Mercedes Sprinter

Modifying Your Ford Transit

Last but certainly not least is the dynamically durable Ford. Ford is another company known for its trucks, but which also makes an exceptional camper van—the Ford Transit. We offer a few overland mods for Ford vehicles mods for both of this vehicle:

  • Front Bumper Durability – If you’re concerned about the durability of your vehicle’s front end, a sturdier, aluminum bumper is the perfect mod. This upgrade can come with or without a bull bar. It’s lightweight, but can take a beating whether it’s on the road, in the woods, or at a job site.
  • Increased Storage – For your Ford Transit, roof storage is essential. We provide DRIFTR Roof Racks and compatible ladders so you can store more and reach it more easily. We also offer a Rear Swing Out Bumper that lets you keep important gear close at hand and more accessible.

Finally, for all of the above models, we also provide various accessories like our Pathfinder light bars, drop-down toolboxes, tire carriers, aluminum cabinet storage boxes, and more to make the most out of the aforementioned mods. If you need overland mods for Toyota vehicles or any of the models above, look no further than Backwoods Adventure Mods. Our accessories are rugged, durable, and made right here in the USA. Contact us today or check out our online store to find the mods you need to go further and do more on your next adventure.


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