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Offroad tires are a gateway drug. Ask any avid offroader and they’ll tell you. Even the most ridiculous offroad monsters usually begin their lives as sweet little factory 4x4s. Then they venture off the beaten path, into the backwoods, and never quite return. If you’ve already got the itch, let this blog be that little angel on your shoulder who says “You already bought new tires. Don’t stop now (unless you’re scared)!”

The further you stray, the more gear you’ll need, but before you go buy an exhaust snorkel, take a little time to think about the big picture. Having a vision for what your offroader will become and planning to achieve it is the only way to go. Going out and buying a bunch of piecemeal aftermarket parts may feed the impulse, but building the offroader of your dreams is going to take planning. Here’s some advice to get you started.

Start with the Basics

Chances are, before you start trying to climb rocks with your 4x4, you’re going to spend some time playing in the dirt and mud. As stated above, the first upgrade you should invest in is a good set of off-road tires that makes sense for where you plan to drive. Aftermarket bumpers, brush guards, skid plates, off-road lighting and some heavy-duty fenders are also practical first steps in getting your vehicle ready for the offroad. Check out the Backwoods Adventure Mods bumpers or our selection of Rigid Industries LED lighting to get you started. Once the basics are there, then you can get to the fun stuff.

A Quick Recovery

The need to take your ride a little further is what drives all off-road enthusiasts, and, inevitably, this need will drive you straight into the mud. When it does, you need recovery gear, specifically a winch kit with the power to pull you out. If you need advice on choosing the right winch kit, check out the Quick Guide to Winches we put out last month. Appropriate recovery gear is essential if you don’t want every adventure to end with an awkward buddy call.

The Performance Artist

Once your vehicle is dressed for the weather and ready for the worst-case scenario, it’s time to think about performance. Performance upgrades can range from adding horsepower and torque to increasing clearance and adding better suspension. Remember the rock climbing idea? This is how you get there. It’s pricey, and the sky's the limit, but performance upgrades are how you make your offroader into the monster you’re probably imagining.

Getting Started

Got questions about customizing your 4x4? Start exploring here or call the team at Backwoods Adventure Mods. Our unbelievably heavy duty, custom bumpers are custom built to be the best in the business, and our wide range of top-shelf aftermarket accessories are everything you need to get off the road and back in one piece. Stay tuned to our blog for more offroading stories, product reviews and suggestions for turning your offroader into an adventure machine.

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