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Car on The Icy Road

Offroading is a hobby for every season, but not all seasons are created equal. For those who have to feed the offroad monkey all year long, despite the snow and ice, there is hope. It’s going to take guts, heavy-duty gear and some special tactics, but if you want to get wild this winter, here’s what you need to know.

Slippery When Dry

The thing about ice – no matter how many wheels are doing the driving – it’s crazy slippery. The first piece of equipment to winterize on your offroader is the tires. Wide, thick-walled tires with a heavy tread will maximize your traction in the snow and protect your tires from hidden obstacles. Running about 5 PSI or so low on your normal tire pressure can help you keep moving.

Adapting to the weather can be trial and error and vary a lot even on trails you know very well. Resist the urge to gun it up hills. Spinning the tires will stall your ascent and likely get you stuck. Take it easy on downhill slopes and make sure you can get back up, especially if you don’t have chains or a reliable waterproof winching system.

When You Get Stuck

All offroaders expect to get stuck. Most of us go looking for it, and the winter is no exception. The difference is, it’s MUCH more difficult to get unstuck in ice and snow. A waterproof winch system is a vital recovery tool. Our WARN winches are the best on the market and provide the reliability you need when it’s sub-zero on the other side of the glass.

It’s important when offroading in any weather to have a backup plan. In the dead of winter, your backup plans need backup plans. If it all goes belly up – when the phone goes dead, the battery goes out, and you’re hopelessly stuck in the snow – you need to be prepared. Food, water and a friend will keep you out of the news and help you get back on the trail.

Wear Layers

Both you and your vehicle need some extra layers to handle the cold. Your offroader needs a thick skin to protect against downed limbs, snow-covered stumps and all the other hidden hazards beneath the snow. Mow down those limbs and protect your truck with a Backwoods bumper, and opt for heavy duty skid guards to withstand the rogue stump.

Don’t be afraid of winter. Conquer it! Gear up and take on the coldest trails with a truck-load of gear and at least a glove box full of experience. Be careful out there and get everything you need to reach the end of your winter adventure at Backwoods Adventure Mods.

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