Toyota Tacoma Pricing Increase (Details)

It's no secret that the price of almost everything continues to go up, and with that it puts in a position to have to do the same as a company. In early 2022, we already increased our pricing for all of our van products, and even though we hate doing it, we have to follow suit with our Tacoma Hi-Lite series. We wanted to not only announce that we are having a price increase, but we wanted to give our customers a window of time as well as explain our reasoning.

The first, and probably most important reason for our price increase is due to the fact that we simply will never cut corners and compromise quality. It would be simple for us to use cheaper material, labor, or outsource our products to get built, but we strongly believe in USA made products and take pride in our attention to detail. To maintain our quality, we have to raise costs. Period.

The second reason is simply because operating costs have gone up significantly this year. Our cost on steel, aluminum, welding equipment, labor, machine maintenance, hardware, packaging, powder coat, and just about everything else has caused a ripple effect in terms of profit.

We hope you can understand our reasoning for this increase. We greatly appreciate your business and support! Prices will increase on May 16, 2022.

Product Price Increase List