All Van Front Bull-Bar Bumpers

20" Light Bar Brackets

All of our van front bull bar bumpers automatically ship with our special brackets that attach a 20" light bar to our bumper. You will NOT use the light bar brackets that come included with your light bar. You MUST use our light bar brackets that some shipped with the bumper to properly fix the light to our bull bar.

2019+ Sprinter Front Bumpers

How to Fix OEM Fog Light Warning when Removed

Special thanks to Tim from Adrenaline Vans for the following information. "This has been our solution when replacing the factory bumper and eliminating the fog lamps on Sprinters. This has worked for us 100% of the time so far on both the NVC3 and VS30 platforms. That being said, I am not an electrical engineer, all I can say is this solution has worked flawlessly for us to eliminate the fog lamp warning that will come up when the original bulb is removed." -Tim

  • Make sure the vehicle is turned off and the battery is disconnected
  • We use this product: 50w 5ohm resistor available on Amazon
  • Remove factory bumper and leave fog lamps hanging from wiring harness
  • Cut wiring harness just behind the factory plug that goes into the back of the fog lamp
  • Remove the protective wire tape from the two leads (purple and brown generally) and bare the ends of the wire
  • Solder the resistor listed above between the two leads (you can also use terminal connectors should soldering equipment not be available).  There are also other versions of resistors available that include wire leads and crimp style wire taps.  This is also a viable option just be sure that the wattage and ohm rating of the resistor matches those listed above (50w 5ohm).  We prefer the solder option as it is a much more positive means of connection
  • Secure the resistor to the inside of the replacement bumper using 3M VHB double sided adhesive time.  Remember, this will get hot so keep the resistor away from other wiring. Using the double sided tape method it is easy to place the resistor in a location that doesn't contact other wires and is out of the weather
  • Once the rest of your sensors are installed switch on ignition such that the running light come on and ensure that no fog lamp warnings are present

2019+ Sprinter Rear Bumpers

Exhaust Overheating - Modification

Depending on your model of Sprinter, you may need to slightly trim the end of your exhaust pipe to prevent overheating. While it may look like our bumper should perfectly fit your stock exhaust, you must trim it just before the bumper. If you let your exhaust extend into/through our bumper, it will prevent the exhaust from having adequate heat dissipation and will heat up components surrounding the exhaust. Using a cutoff wheel to trim off the end of the exhaust about 6 inches away from the bumper will prevent any overheating. See full installation video here.

All Pathfinder 2" Pod Lights Install Tip

Bracket Flip for Bumper Install

If you have purchased our Pathfinder 2" LED pods for fog lights in your Backwoods bumper, they come preinstalled with a bracket. Make sure you FLIP the bracket in the other orientation because there isn't enough clearance to let the light properly sit in the fog light pocket. Simply unscrew the 2 bolts on each light with the included tools/allen key and flip the bracket around and reinstall. Your fog light should fit much better into the light pocket in your bumper.