Toyota 4Runner Mods

Backwoods Adventure Mods is growing! We’re expanding our facility to accommodate a new 30,000 sq. ft. addition so we can provide more volume for the products you love and a greater variety of products to reach a wider audience.

One area where our expansion will be particularly visible is in Toyota 4Runner mods. You’ve seen our superior lineup of Toyota Tacoma mods; the 4Runner versions are right around the corner. The quality and innovation you’ve come to expect from Backwoods Adventure Mods will now be available to 4Runner owners. Let’s take a look at a few of the 4Runner products that we’ll begin producing:

2014+ Hi-Lite Front Bumper

Our one-of-a-kind proprietary hybrid aluminum and steel Hi-Lite overland bumper features a brilliant high-clearance, lightweight design engineered precisely to fit the Toyota 4Runner. The bumper shell is ultra-light aluminum, while the mounting brackets and winch cradle are solid steel, giving you maximum strength where you need it and saving weight everywhere else. Plus, the Hi-Lite looks amazing and will take you anywhere and everywhere you want to go, on and off the road.

2014+ Hi-Lite Front Bumper with Full Bull Bar

Adding a full bull bar to the Hi-Lite bumper adds about 4 lbs to the overall weight of the bumper, but it takes the style factor to a whole new level. This beautiful bull bar has a contour that perfectly complements the 4Runner’s existing body lines and is welded and buffed using high-tech robotics to get a flawless finish.

2014+ Bumper Frame Support Brackets

Our 3/16” steel frame support brackets can be used to distribute weight across the bumper and frame when winching or during vehicle recovery. These brackets aren’t required for use with the Hi-Lite bumpers but are highly recommended if you plan to do any winching or vehicle recovery. They are easy to install using the existing 4Runner factory bumper mounts.

2014+ Washer Tank Reservoir Guard

If you own a 4Runner, then you know that the washer tank reservoir is exposed to road debris when you install an aftermarket bumper. This steel washer tank skid plate installs quickly and protects your washer reservoir from dirt, rocks, branches, and anything else that might fly up while driving off-road. It may seem simple, but it’s the little things that make a difference and at Backwoods Adventure Mods, we’ve got all the little things – including windshield washer reservoirs – covered.

2014+ Aluminum Engine Skid Plate

Speaking of keeping things covered, let’s talk about your engine. A skid plate is designed to take all the punishment the road or trail can give. Skid plates protect against damage from rocks, branches, brush, and general abuse, so if your 4Runner is going to see real trail time, a skid plate is a must. The Backwoods Adventure Mods 4Runner full aluminum skid plate is built to protect the entire undercarriage, including the engine, cooler lines, and transmission. This skid plate will keep your 4Runner protected and vitals covered, yet still allow you to remove doors for access to parts that need to be serviced.

2014+ Hi-Lite High Clearance Dual Swing-Out Rear Bumper

Outfit your Toyota 4Runner with a Hi-Lite High Clearance Dual Swing-Out Rear Bumper featuring our very own hybrid technology. The bumper is crafted using high-grade 7 gauge carbon steel for strength to protect against anything the road might throw at you. At the same time, the ¼” 5052 aluminum swing-out panels and support system are lightweight, so they’re easy to use and won’t weigh you down. Our swing-out rear bumper is also compatible with your hitch and is precision-engineered to fit your 4Runner like a glove. The swing-out panels let you customize your 4Runner with any accessories that fit your style. You can add a variety of accessories, including our Pathfinder LED lights and tire carrier

2014+ DRIFTR Full-Length Roof Rack

The DRIFTR full-length roof racks are lightweight, low profile, and completely modular so you can customize the setup exactly the way you want it. The rack system is easy to install and you can get it shipped right to your door. It’s light enough for you to manage installation on your own but strong enough to walk on. The powder-coated, all-aluminum DRIFTR and T-slotted extrusions allow you to mount solar panels, cargo boxes, and other types of gear you need to haul with you while on the road. You can even mount a light bar to the front for extra visibility.

Toyota Tacoma Aftermarket Bumpers

Toyota 4Runner Mods and Accessories

If you’ve been waiting for exceptional 4Runner mods from Backwoods Adventure Mods, your wait is nearly over. We expect to have our full lineup of 4Runner mods up and running in April and May of 2022. It’s our goal to be the #1 supplier of Toyota off-road parts, and we’re going to build that reputation one satisfied customer at a time.

We’re a large-scale production company and we use the most advanced tooling, lasers, and robotics to manufacture precision-engineered Toyota mods, right here in the USA. But it’s not just our tech that sets us apart; we have a team of the finest metal craftsmen in the industry. Innovative design, plus advanced tech, plus skilled craftsmen all culminate to make us the best in the business, bar none.

We want you to enjoy every moment you get to spend off-road, and we know that having the right gear makes that possible. Trust Backwoods Adventure Mods for all your Toyota 4Runner off-road mods and accessories.

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