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Amber Illumination

Visibility on the trail can sometimes be the critical difference between an enjoyable weekend off-road and one that's cut short by damage to the vehicle. You've got to be able to see where you're going and distinguish the obstacles that stand in your way.

Understanding just a little bit of physics can come in handy when it comes to achieving the visibility you need. White light looks bright and illuminates your surroundings brilliantly. But here's where the physics come in; white light has a short wavelength. These short waves create a lot of refraction and glare. Do you know how shining your high beams into a snowstorm makes you feel like you're launching into hyperdrive on the Millennium Falcon? That effect is caused by the bright white light refracting off all the small snow particles in the air. The same happens in fog, rain, or dust; those tiny particles catch the short light waves and bounce them back to you. While the light is visibly bright, you can't see much in these conditions.

Amber Light to the Rescue

Mounting a pair of the Pathfinder 2" surface mount amber spot lights from Backwoods Adventure Mods on your front bumper below your headlights adds the critical illumination you need to safely navigate dusty roads, snow storms, and foggy mornings. In these conditions, amber light gives you more contrast and more visibility. Warm amber light has a longer wavelength, making it much less likely to refract off particles of dust, snow, or rain.


Our Pathfinder Surface Mount amber lights are great for off-road applications and can also provide a lighting solution for power sports, first responder vehicles and marine applications. Along with our 20” Pathfinder Light Bar, add a pair to our Nomad series bumpers for Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit vans.


  • 3,880 Lumens
  • Original Cree A Grade Chips
  • IP68/IP69K Waterproofing
  • Waterproof Deutsch Connector
  • UV Resistant Powder Coating & Lens
  • High-Grade Aluminum Housing
  • Military Breather Reduces Condensation
  • GE LEXAN Lens with High Light Transmission
  • Waterproof DEUTSCH connector
  • Wiring Harness includes Switch and DT Connector

Durability and Visibility

These pathfinder amber lights keep shining no matter what you throw at them. Each powerful LED light is encased in an indestructible aluminum housing that’s water and dust-resistant even in the toughest conditions. Water and dust aren’t going to get inside and mess with the electronics, and we back that up with a lifetime warranty.

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