PROWLR 9" LED Driving Light [TRUE AMBER]


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Our new insanely bright and efficient PROWLR lights not only look great, but they have the offroad protection and durability to back it up. Featuring a military grade breather, IP68/69 waterproof rating, GE Lexan Polycarbonate lenses, an aluminum housing, and a stainless steel mount. What makes our lights even better is we designed a special side shooter slot on each side, providing a wider beam than most traditional driving lights. Easily cut through rain, snow, dust, and fog with these bombproof plug-n-play True Amber PROWLR lights.


Our TRUE AMBER color incorporates both amber colored LED chips as well as an amber colored outer lens. Rather than having one or the other, we have both for a deeper toned, more rich orange amber color. 

MOUNTING: Please note when mounting these lights, use the 2 outer carriage bolt locations on the mount. We do not recommend only using the center hole in the mount because the light may shift during offroad use. Mounting with one bolt is not enough to secure this light safely.

BACKWOODS VAN BUMPER LIGHT BRACKET: If you have one of our Sprinter or Transit front bumpers, this optional brackets will allow you to mount the PROWLR lights directly to your bumper. The bracket that comes with these lights will not work on our Sprinter and Transit bumpers. Up to 4 lights will fit onto our Sprinter front bumpers, but for the Transit, only the non bull bar version will accept these lights.



  • One [1] Round LED Light
  • One [1] Wiring Harness Adaptor
  • One [1] mounting bracket
  • Hardware
  • Torx and Hex Tool
  • One [1] Instruction manual


  • TRUE AMBER - Amber LED Chips & Amber Lens
  • 100% Optically Clear and Unbreakable LEXAN Lens
  • Instant On/Off, No Warm-up
  • Operating Temp:-40~+145 °C
  • Dual-Oversized Heat Sink
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Military Standard Breather
  • Waterproof DT Connector
  • Pass Testing: High Temperature, Low Temperature,High Pressure, Vibration, UV, Salt and Fog, Sand and Dust,
  • POWER – 123W/Unit
  • LUX – 1Lux @263M/Unit
  • RAW LUMEN – 6638LM
  • CURRENT DRAW – 5A @13.2V
  • BEAM PATTERN – Combo/Wide Side Shooter
  • HOUSING MATERIAL – Aluminum 6063
  • LENS MATERIAL – GE Lexan Polycarbonate
  • MOUNT MATERIAL – Stainless Steel
  • LIFE SPAN – 50,000 Hours
  • Total height (with mount) is 9.61"


  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal on your vehicle battery.
  2. Find a flat location to mount the light onto. Depending on where you decide to mount the light (bumper, roof rack, etc.), you may need to drill through the surface in order for the mounting bolts to properly secure the light.
  3. After you’ve identified a mounting location, mount the light to the vehicle using at least 2 bolts per light. Using 1 bolt will not secure the light enough and may cause it to shift out of position offroad.
  4. Use the supplied hardware and bolt down the light and bracket to the surface it’s being mounted to.
  5. If you are wiring up a single light, plug the female end DT connector from the light into the male DT connector on the supplied wiring harness.
  6. Neatly route the wires back to the engine bay or wherever you will get power. 
  7. Connect the black wire to the negative battery terminal and the red wire to the positive battery terminal. 
  8. Find a location to mount the auxiliary switch in your dash or wherever you want to access the switch.
  9. If wiring a pair of lights to be used on 1 auxiliary switch, you will need a DT Connector 2-Way Splitter, which will accept both lights and utilize a single wiring harness.
  10. After securing the positive and negative terminals to the battery, test the lights by switching on and off the auxiliary switch. If any problems occur, check the inline fuse on the wiring harness. 
  11. Next, wait until it is dark and park your vehicle on a level surface and turn the lights on so they project onto a wall.
  12. Using the beam on the wall as a guide, losen the allen bolts on each side of the light bracket and adjust vertically as needed for an even, centrally aligned lighting position. 
  13. Once you are happy with the light beam position, tighten all bolts. Installation is complete.

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