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The Backwoods Adventure Mods family is an American made overland accessory manufacturer based out of Springdale, Arkansas. We design and manufacture our own bumpers, rear swingouts, ladders, roof racks, storage boxes, and more for the van and midsized 4x4 market. At Backwoods, we use the industry's latest technology, robotics, tooling, and other equipment to ensure a consistent and efficient product every time.
We’re different on purpose. Most manufacturers either use steel or aluminum only on their products. We recognize and see the value in offering a truly hybrid product. We use steel for strength in all the right places, but incorporate aluminum wherever possible in order to save weight and prevent rust. We know the offroad market demands both a strong and lightweight solution, and we’re here to answer the call.


At Backwoods, we use the industry's latest in technology, tooling, and equipment to ensure a consistent product every time.


Our makers take pride in their work, and know that taking shortcuts leads nowhere. Get to know the craftsmen that bring our products to life.

David Stringfellow

Backwoods Craftsman

Devon "Dude" Harris

Backwoods Bumper Lead

Israel Gutierrez

Backwoods Craftsman


At Backwoods Adventure Mods, we use the highest quality, industry leading machining, tooling, and equipment to produce our products. We take pride in our work as well as how efficiently we do it.