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The PedalBox is located between the accelerator pedal sensor and the control module and works by capturing the accelerator pedal signal and transforms it. Lots of manufacturers offer similar functions via standard "sports buttons". The PedalBox reduces the pedal travel necessary in order to reach a "throttle wide open" state (full throttle response). This allows the driver to exploit the full potential of the engines.

  • 4 programs to optimize the accelerator pedal characteristic
  • More than 20 different settings available
  • Incl. Memory function, saves the last selected setting
  • PerfecTune feature for individual custom tuning of your vehicle

How does the PedalBox work? More fun with the perfect setting for you

The following curves illustrate the speed at which the vehicle reacts to throttle input. It’s not about engine power but rather the time it takes for the engine to realize that power!

Dynamite does come in small packages

Significant improvements can be felt even in the ‘City’ (green) mode. The 'Sport' (orange) and 'Sport Plus' (red) modes offer even more of an improvement than the 'City' mode, and all selectable by the driver.

The blue line indicates the standard responsiveness of the throttle from the manufacturer and can also be simulated by turning the PedalBox to its ‘OFF’ mode.

Installation made simple

Installation only takes a few minutes in a few easy steps. The PedalBox comes pre-programmed and requires no complicated setup procedures, the fun starts NOW!


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